How to load config from file in Junos

Saving configuration to file in Junos

root@hub-vSRX1# show | save configuration.txt
Wrote 280 lines of output to 'configuration.txt'

root@hub-vSRX1# save configuration.txt
Wrote 280 lines of configuration to 'configuration.txt'

Loading configuration from a file

root@hub-vSRX1# load ?
Possible completions:
factory-default Override existing configuration with factory default
merge Merge contents with existing configuration
override Override existing configuration
patch Load patch file into configuration
replace Replace configuration data
set Execute set of commands on existing configuration
update Update existing configuration
root@hub-vSRX1# load override ?
Possible completions:
Filename (URL, local, remote, or floppy)
configuration.txt Size: 6787, Last changed: Mar 20 10:48:12
terminal Use login terminal
root@hub-vSRX1# load override configuration.txt ?
Possible completions:
<[Enter]> Execute this command
| Pipe through a command
root@hub-vSRX1# load override configuration.txt
load complete

root@hub-vSRX1# commit

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