Junos: OSPF graceful restart verification on helper node

Graceful restart in OSPF makes uses of OSPF Type-9 LSAs – Link Local Opaque type 3. Quote from Appendix A of RFC 3623 Graceful OSPF Restart:

A. Grace-LSA Format

The grace-LSA is a link-local scoped Opaque-LSA [2], having an Opaque
Type of 3 and an Opaque ID equal to 0. Grace-LSAs are originated by
a router that wishes to execute a graceful restart of its OSPF
software. A grace-LSA requests that the router’s neighbors aid in
its graceful restart by continuing to advertise the router as fully
adjacent during a specified grace period.

Junos will show graceful LSA advertised by a restarting router supporting graceful restart by showing the OSPF “link-local” lsa database:

> show ospf database link-local advertising-router extensive                      

    OSPF Link-Local database, interface st0.0 Area
 Type       ID               Adv Rtr           Seq      Age  Opt  Cksum  Len 
OpaqLoc       0x8000000b  1582  0x22 0xdbaa  36
  Link-Local grace LSA
  Grace 210
  Reason 0
  Aging timer 00:33:37
  Installed 00:26:19 ago, expires in 00:33:38, sent 00:31:26 ago
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